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System Reflect- PTS Frontline Network

System Reflect- PTS Frontline Network

System Reflect- PTS Frontline Network

Thursday, April 8, 2021


FREE to register here

A FREE half-day session which shares the learning of developing and delivering a person led, Transitional and Strength based response.

Based on years of experience developing a whole systems approach to strength-based work, Mayday Trust is delighted to be working with the Frontline Network to present System Reflect, a half-day session that shares the learning (and sometimes the pain) of developing and delivering the PTS (person led, Transitional and Strength based response), a highly personalised, grassroots approach that places power and control in the hands of the people, not the system. The event is part of Mayday Trust's PTS Frontline Network funded activities.

The morning reflects on the current deficit-based system, background and development of the PTS, reflection on the current system and its impact on the people you work with Explore fixing, segregation and systemic barriers Strength-based, person-led approach in practice

The session is experiential and allows for reflection, debunking some of the myths around people going through tough times. It aims to challenge mindsets and behaviours around ‘fixing’ and power dynamics; It also explores how strength based approaches work in practice and how internal culture and external systems need to change to create an environment for people to genuinely take the lead.


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