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Local Networks

Local Networks

Local Networks

As well as working at a national level to offer funding, community and resources to frontline staff, we also work locally to support staff through our partner community. Our formal partners, bring a wide range of expertise from across different organisations working with people experiencing homelessness, offering both thematic and geographical approaches. For example, one of our thematic networks explores migrant experiences of homelessness and works across London with another focusing on strengths-based approaches.

These local networks provide regular opportunities to bring together paid frontline staff working with people experiencing homelessness to network, share expertise and best practice, and link to decision makers to influence change. The themes and focuses of their events and activities are led by what frontline staff tell them is needed.

We are currently expanding our offer of support into areas where we do not have formal partners. Our Local Network Coordinator is working with interested organisations and frontline staff to set up geographical or thematic networks in their area. These local networks will provide the same opportunities for staff to come together to network, connect with sector experts and provide information to frontline staff, as our formal partner community does.

If you would like us to help to set up a local network in your area, or have any questions please get in touch at frontline@stmartinscharity.org.uk

Find out more about our current local Frontline Networks here:

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