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Our Story

After the VRF went digital in 2014 we realised just how many frontline workers were accessing it and the range of roles that were represented by those supporting people experiencing homelessness. We saw this as an opportunity for us to do more. In 2016 the St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity set up the Frontline Network.

The Frontline Network aims to build relationships, share best practice, develop solutions, and communicate the experience and views of frontline workers.

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Annual Conference

Each year we hold a conference for you to come together and share your experience as a frontline worker as well as meet other frontline workers from across the UK. At the conference we put an emphasis on wellbeing on the frontline. Feedback from last year showed that you wanted even more opportunities to attend wellbeing workshops at the conference, so this year we have dedicated the entire afternoon to workshops centred around supporting frontline worker wellbeing. We will share some of the feedback from this year's conference soon!

Here are some of the highlights from what you told us last year: 

"Encouraged that there are many services pushing for some changes with the system and people who care"

"New information and positive vibes"

"Ideas to take back to work. We are great people trying to change lives. Had a good moan, feel better being able to talk freely about pressure and demands"

"Be kind to myself, mindfulness in life and work. Suggestions to share at the office about wellbeing"

Resources from the day can be found here


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