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Temporary Accommodation Frontline Network Meeting

Temporary Accommodation Frontline Network Meeting

Temporary Accommodation Frontline Network Meeting

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Aimed at: Frontline workers supporting people in Temporary Accommodation.

Temporary accommodation (TA) is a broad term that describes temporary housing for people who are homeless. People who are placed here often have little or no tenancy rights.

There are now 105,750 households in Temporary Accommodation (TA), including 138,930 children. This is more than double the number of households, 48,330, in TA in 2011.The impact on people experiencing homelessness is grave especially as a lot of these placements are Unsupported Temporary Accommodation (UTA).

The Temporary Accommodation Frontline Network (TAFN), facilitated by Justlife, aims to support and connect workers supporting people living in TA across the UK.

This event will shed light on the issue of TA from Justlife’s research and policy team, including a recent project to coproduce manifesto recommendations that workers will be able to input into. It will also provide an opportunity for workers to connect and share challenges and solutions.

*Justlife’s aim is to make people’s experience of temporary accommodation as short, safe and healthy as possible; they offer frontline services to people living in Temporary Accommodation in Brighton and Hove, and in Manchester. Their research and policy team also research and campaign nationally for temporary accommodation systems change.

*The Frontline Network supports workers from the public, statutory and voluntary sectors working on the frontline with those experiencing homelessness.

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