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Trauma Informed Care Training Workshop

Trauma Informed Care Training Workshop

Trauma Informed Care Training Workshop

Friday, May 17, 2024

On Friday 17th May, the Northern Ireland Frontline Network is running a half-day training workshop on Zoom focused on Trauma Informed Care. The workshop will run from 9.30am to 1pm.

Who is taking the workshop?

The session is being taken by Dr Natalie Isaia from the BGPS. Dr Isaia completed a doctorate in clinical psychology, during which she specialised clinically in trauma and focused her academic research on treatments for personality disorder. Dr Isaia previously worked within the homelessness sector for seven years. Within that time she worked in-house helping a large hostel implement the PIE model as well as facilitating a large number of reflective practice groups across many organisations. She has considerable experience of providing training to staff working in the homelessness sector.

What will the workshop cover?

Having a thorough understanding of trauma and providing Trauma Informed Care is essential when working with vulnerable clients. This training explores how psychological trauma can impact the developing brain, in turn affecting later adult behavioural patterns and the ability to regulate emotion. You will:
• understand the role of early relationships on development
• understand the impact of developmental trauma
• learn to recognise PTSD and Complex PTSD
• learn how to support recovery using emotional regulation and stabilisation techniques within a trauma-informed and strengths-based framework
• learn about vicarious trauma
• learn self-care strategies to look after yourself at work

How do I book my place?

To ensure that a wide range of organisations can benefit from the session, we are initially restricting bookings to two places per organisation but we will run a waiting list to make sure as many people can benefit as possible. You can book your place by emailing admin@homelessconnect.org. 

What does it cost?

As with all Frontline Network Training, the workshop is free to attend.

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