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Webinar: Homelessness Prevention Practice in Justice services (Practitioners)

Webinar: Homelessness Prevention Practice in Justice services (Practitioners)

Webinar: Homelessness Prevention Practice in Justice services (Practitioners)

Monday, November 21, 2022

Crisis, Cyrenians & the Scottish Frontline Network will be hosting a webinar session exploring existing homelessness prevention practice within the criminal and community justice sectors.

1.30pm - 4pm 
Monday 21 November 2022

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The Scottish Government plans to introduce new homelessness prevention duties as part of a forthcoming Housing Bill. The new duties will allow people to get help earlier – up to six months before they are at risk of homelessness – and require public bodies, such as prisons, courts and police, to ask about someone’s housing situation and then act to get them help if needed. 

At this homelessness prevention webinar we want to:

  • Share examples of existing practice & approaches within the Justice services, including examples of coordinated, high quality advice and support for people in remand or serving short sentences 
  • Learn more about new or innovative prevention practice in your area 
  • Understand what changes are needed to enable earlier intervention and better joint-working practice in anticipation of new duties on public bodies to prevent homelessness

We would particularly like to hear from: 

    • Police Scotland Frontline Staff 
    • Justice Social Work Staff
    • Courts (In-court Advice) Staff
    • Public Defence Solicitors 
    • Navigators 
    • Outreach Advisors
    • Prison Advisors
    • Housing First workers
    • Local Authority Homelessness/Housing Staff (Especially those who liaise with justice professionals to support clients who are homeless/at risk of homelessness)
    • Third sector organisations providing support to people touched by the justice system
    • Community justice organisations


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