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Brighton & Hove Frontline Network: Death on the Frontline - Revisited

Brighton & Hove Frontline Network: Death on the Frontline - Revisited

Brighton & Hove Frontline Network: Death on the Frontline - Revisited

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

About this event

In January 2019 the B&H Frontline Network held an event - Death on the Frontline - following national press headlines sharing the number of homeless people who had died in one year.

In response to these headlines we decided to create a safe space for frontline workers to have a conversation around death, and how it can impact us as workers.  

Much has happened since that event, and we felt it was important to re-visit this.

We appreciate this topic is a tough one, and can’t be fully covered in a two-hour online event, but we hope this will be a place where workers can join or continue the conversations we started back in January 2019.

The event will include:

Updates from initiatives that came out of the original event:

  • Worker Wellbeing – what would you like us to focus on?
  • End of Life Care – a pathway and training for frontline workers.

Learnings from the Museum of Homelessness, and their Dying Homeless Project, plus the launch of some helpful resources.

How you can engage with other workers and the local community to pause, reflect and remember those who we have supported who have died, though the

Plus, a space to talk in small groups, about how we can support each other better and share our learnings and develop our working practices.

How to join

10am - 12pm, Wednesday 20th October

Register Here

(We will be holding this event on Zoom and will send you the link to join the meeting following registration.)

We look forward to you joining us, but as mentioned, we are aware this is a tough topic and our intention is to approach it sensitively.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please don’t hesitate to contact 

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