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Young People and Acquired Brain Injury

Young People and Acquired Brain Injury

Young People and Acquired Brain Injury

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

10:00am - 12.30pm


Research has suggested that half of all people that are experiencing homelessness have a brain injury. Brain injuries can impact on how people interact with the world around them, how they communicate and process information. As young people continue to develop, their support needs and impact of brain injury can also change. 

Leigh Andrews from Change Communication will be presenting & providing training on how brain injury can occur, how young people can be impacted by brain injuries and how services can support people.

This training is free and open to people working in homelessness services. (We have limited spaces on this training, if you sign up and are no longer able to make it please let us know!)

This is a repeat of the session we ran on April 20th, if you attended that session you do not need to attend this one. 

This will be held on Zoom.


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