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Understanding the interface between homelessness and the Care Act 2014

Understanding the interface between homelessness and the Care Act 2014

Understanding the interface between homelessness and the Care Act 2014

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Join Bruno Ornelas at Collaborative Safeguarding Hub, as we share insights from positive practice & learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews.

I’m delighted to invite you to our upcoming free event on the interface between the Care Act 2014 and adults experiencing homelessness and multiple disadvantages.

The importance of knowing the legislative framework and understanding how they can be applied in practice and within the context of individuals experiencing homelessness will be a key message from this event.

This event is a free introductory session and a part of our wider aim to work with organisations at all levels to advance their understanding of safeguarding literacy with greater emphasis on multi-agency practice, prevention, and legally literate decision-making.

We also intend to do this through a series of commissioned training aimed at beginners’ level to more advanced levels, including designated safeguarding adult leads. We also provide consultancy services to help organisations develop meaningful guidance for staff and fit-for-purpose policies and procedures, this also includes coaching and supervision on complex safeguarding matters, and reflective practice development teams.

We believe that the most basic aspects of safeguarding and social care law should be provided to everyone free-of-charge, a key aspect of citizen based advocacy and for upholding the rights of some of society’s most excluded citizens. Where possible, we will continue to run bite size awareness events free-of-charge.

As such, this event seeks to promote and raise awareness of adult safeguarding literacy and learning from research as it applies to people experiencing deep forms of exclusion, like homelessness. It is not intended to replace organisational training requirements linked to safeguarding, or in any way replace policies and procedures that you are asked to follow by your employer and/or Safeguarding Adult Boards.
The event will take place via Zoom on Tuesday 25th May, 10:00 to 12:00. To attend please RSVP here. The event will not be recorded but if you would like a copy of the presentation slides, please email Bruno Ornelas (bruno@csafeguardinghub.co.uk).
UPDATE: due to high levels of interest the event on 25th of May has now reached capacity. If you feel you would benefit from this session then please get in touch to explore the possibility of arranging a separate session for you and your colleagues (minimum 10 participants per session).
Do please get in touch, I always value opportunities to discuss projects and ideas and to make new connections. If I can't help directly, I might have ideas or know someone who can.

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