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Helping clients reduce gas and electricity costs - online workshop

Helping clients reduce gas and electricity costs - online workshop

Helping clients reduce gas and electricity costs - online workshop

Thursday, September 24, 2020

According to Ofgem, the average UK household spends around £1,254 a year on energy - making it one of the biggest annual living costs.

Book Place - £40

With families spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are some simple ways to help them to make significant savings on energy bills.

Made of Money has supported thousands of people across the UK. Our expert trainers don’t just “talk the talk” - our training is informed through real experience. Our front line work with individuals and families provides a direct insight into the everyday experience of those managing on low incomes. 

What is covered in this training?

  • Understand how to reduce energy use and save money at home

  • Understand how to switch energy suppliers
  • Understand how gas and electricity usage is priced 
  • Know the difference between different types of tariff
  • Understand the various meter types and learn more about smart meters
  • Know about the running costs of various electrical household appliances 
  • Be aware of some of the grants and schemes available to support people with their energy costs 
  • Know where to signpost clients who are in debt 

Is this right for my organisation?

Improved financial capability for your staff and clients impacts their wellbeing, but also your bottom line. Made of Money is right for the following types of organisations:

  • Housing associations
  • Statutory agencies providing frontline services 
  • Support and advice organisations
  • Community groups and charities
  • Adult education providers and apprenticeship schemes

What is Made of Money?

Made of Money is Quaker Social Action's multiple award-winning financial wellbeing initiative, established over 15 years ago and specialising in supporting people and professionals to increase their financial literacy skills, behaviour and knowledge. Our training courses will equip you with the practical skills to support your staff and clients, giving you the confidence to make a real difference in their lives.

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