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Calming a Worrying Mind- small group training

Calming a Worrying Mind- small group training

Calming a Worrying Mind- small group training

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - 10:00:00 AM until

Tuesday 4th August

10am to 12.15pm- Online via Zoom

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Strange times indeed. As frontline workers you are no doubt used to high demand, low resource and ever moving goalposts. However, with COVID-19 a key feature of life at the moment, those demands, resources and moving goalposts are on a scale we’ve never known before. We are, to a large degree, working in the dark. Still, we know from experience, that even in the unknown, one of the things that keeps us feeling secure and in control, is having the tools to manage our workload and our responses to it

Your sector colleagues at St Martin’s Frontline Network want to do what they can to support you during this uniquely challenging time and have joined forces with us at the Directory of Social Change (DSC)to create two interactive, practical sessions to help you to explore these challenges and consider solutions, action and sources of support.

Each session will be presented by a DSC Training Consultant, in an informal but structured style to make them engaging and manageable. Pre-course exercises and reflection prepare you for getting the most out of the session as well as allowing time for discussion, Q&A and problem solving. Useful take away Support Materials – e.g. reading lists, checklists, handouts - will help you to put practical actions in place to gain some control of your time and yourself and your communication with others. You will also receive a copy of the slides following the training.


Topic: Calming a Worrying Mind Speaker: Eileen Browne

High case-loads, time limits, changing parameters and pressures are having an unusually pressing impact on us at the moment. This may be compounded by working from home without ready access to our usual networks and sources of support.


By the end of the session you will:

  • Consider the impact of stress, worry and anxiety on your performance and well being
  • Explore ‘React versus Respond’ thinking in order to inform more effective behaviour
  • Reflect on your own self-talk and whether you’re being Inner Critic or Inner Coach
  • Look at some of these issues through a creative thinking lens
  • Identify strategies to manage the pressures

Date, Timings and Structure

  • Tuesday 4th August, 10am to 12.15pm
  • Meeting open 9.45 for sign in (NB You need to register with the Zoom link first)
  • 2 x One hour sessions with a 15 minute interval
  • Max of 20 frontline worker participants

A Zoom link to attend the event will be sent to you ahead of the event, along with a pre-course Workbook.



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