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Annual Frontline Worker Conference 2024

Annual Frontline Worker Conference 2024

Annual Frontline Worker Conference 2024

The Frontline Network is acutely aware that things are exceptionally tough for frontline workers and people experiencing homelessness across the UK

We understand the shared challenges staff are experiencing in their roles, and the increasingly complex issues being faced by the people they support. Annually, through our frontline worker survey, staff highlight some of the key challenges and barriers they are up against in their roles. This year we can see that this is becoming even harder.   

Now more than ever, to affect change, we need to remove silos and replace “I” with “We”.  We need to work together to strengthen our community, to ensure there is support for those working tirelessly to address homelessness.  

That's why, for this year, our Frontline Network Annual Conference, on 20th June 2024, will focus on the theme of ‘Strength in Community’.  

Our event will bring together a range of speakers from across the UK to share their knowledge, skills, experience and insights with you. Sessions will focus on key issues highlighted by people working on the frontlines of homelessness.  

We've listened to people like you: 

  • through your responses to our annual frontline worker survey, 
  • your applications to our emergency grants, 
  • and alongside other key members of the sector through our 8 local networks across the UK.  

Our conference is shaped directly by this first-hand knowledge and expertise of the challenges you are facing every day. Across the UK, the Frontline Network recognises that there is solidarity in working as a community. That’s what runs through our ethos and approach as a Charity.   

We hope you can join us online on Thursday 20th June, and look forward to you being part of our event.   

Many thanks,  

The Frontline Network Team