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Frontline Network Annual Conference 2024

One day, 9 sessions, over 30 speakers, and an amazing range of attendees from across all four nations; thank you to everyone who took part in our Frontline Network Annual Conference 2024!

We really value your feedback, which will help tailor future events to your needs, so please take a few minutes to share thoughts about sessions you attended here.

This year’s event, with its theme of ‘Strength in Community’ was our biggest online Conference yet with more speakers and experts than we've ever had. We hosted a range of amazing speakers, who shared learning and knowledge as well as the ways they are working to navigate and overcome barriers in their work.

There were 10 sessions that focused on key issues highlighted by people working on the frontlines of homelessness, including temporary accommodation, hoarding, mental health, wellbeing and many more. All the resources and recordings of the sessions are available below for you to catch up on if you missed anything.

Our conference is shaped directly by this first-hand knowledge and expertise of the challenges you are facing every day, as highlighted in our Annual Frontline Worker Survey. Across the UK, the Frontline Network recognises that there is solidarity and strength in working as a community. That’s what runs through our ethos and approach as a charity.

If you aren't already then please sign up for our e-news. It's free for frontline staff who support people experiencing homelessness. You can find out about further resources, funding and being part of a growing community of frontline workers.

If you have been inspired by our conference speakers and would like to find out more, please see the links in their presentations. If you are keen to access training on any of the areas we have covered in the conference, but budget is a barrier, you can apply to our Training Fund for up to £500 for individual training and up to £1,500 for group training.

Frontline Network Annual Conference 2024

Opening plenary given by James Ingram, followed by panel discussion and Q&A by Katie Dalton, Michelle Major, Peter Smith and Nicola McCrudden.

A chaired discussion on Health Inclusion and Exclusion by Theo Jackson, Jules Grenville, Hannah Bishop and Sara Emerson.

A chaired discussion on Accessing Legal Advice by Katie Dalton, Aaliya Seyal, JJ Costello and Jill Downing.

A chaired discussion on Universal Credit Managed Migration and Beyond by Tess Tainton, Alison Markantonis, Charlie Radbourne, Zoë Titchener and Julie Casson.

A roundtable discussion on Frontline Worker wellbeing chaired by James Ingram, with Kellie Armstrong, Pam Orchard, Jordan Brewer and Amy Hutton.

A discussion on Mental Health and Housing by Jake Lake and Jessica Bain from MAC-UK.

A chaired discussion on Families in Temporary Accommodation by Sam Pratt and Kate Standing

A discussion on Understanding Hoarding by Jack Moore, Fraser Mackinnon and Hannah Scott.

A discussion on System Leadership with MEAM by Greg Headly, Carl Brown, Sarah Mackintosh and Princess Okwuonu.