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Wellbeing on the Frontline

Wellbeing on the Frontline

Wellbeing on the Frontline

Please find enclosed the Wellbeing resources we have offered at both our 2018 and 2019 annual Frontline Network conferences:


Click here for all 2018 Workshop handouts

Workshop 1 - Ideas to implement small day to day changes to support staff wellbeing

Hayley Watts, from Think Productive, shares resources: 

The Productivity Ninja can be accessed here

Wellbeing for Frontline Workers


Workshop 2 - Mindfulness

Zoe from Go Mindfully has shared a playlist of meditations for frontline workers through SoundCloud.

Workshop 3 - Supporting Non-EEA Migrant Communities

Patrick Duce, Innovation and Good Practice Project Manager, Homeless Link, shares his feedback from the conference and some useful resources for those working with Non-EEA Migrant Communities:

Supporting Non-EEA Migrant Communities Summary Factsheet. 

Workshop 3 - Supporting EEA Migrant Communities

Lidia Estevez Picon, Migration Policy and Services Coordinator at the Connection at St Martin's, shares useful links to resources when working with EEA Migrant Communities: 

Supporting EEA Nationals


Workshop 3 - Multi Agency Working

Niamh Brophy, Palliative Care Coordinator at St Mungo's, and Dr Caroline Shulman, GP in Homeless and Inclusion Health share their resources from the day with a focus on end of life care: 

Multi Agency Working

Hostel checklist

Health Monitoring Log

Conversation Mapping Tool


Workshop 3 - Increased targets and Pressures

Jess Cordingly, Director at Lankelly Chase, shares the following resources: 

The Paul Hamlyn Ideas and Pioneers Fund

Resources and Funding available at UnLtd

 The Big Lottery Awards for All Programme

Robert White, Lead Commissioner for Supported Housing and Rough Sleeping Strategy, gives his feedback on the day.

Workshop 4 - Resilience and Wellbeing

Here are some resources by Brett Grellier who facilitated Workshop 4: 

The Wellbeing Platter 

The Compassionate Mind Foundation 

Rick Hansen's book 'Resilient'



Click here for all 2019 workshop handouts

Workshop 1- Universal Credit

Please see below some useful links and resources to refer to; these relate to the work being undertaken within our panelists organisations;

Chris Brill-Expert Link  webinar on Universal Credit

Dan Norris- Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and their Early Warning System. This covers their work across Engladn and Wales. You can also refer to Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland and Early Warning System Scotland.

Jasmine Basran- Crisis- Universal Credit

Workshop 2- Homelessness and Migration related issues

Bethan Lant- Casework, Quality & Training Manager Praxis Community Projects and lead contact for the Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network.

Working with Homeless Migrants- Information and help

Key questions to ask if you have a Non-UK client

Working with Non-UK Nationals

Workshop 3- Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE)

Dr Amanda Skeate- Consultant Clinical Psychologist Lead for St Bails PIE.

Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) & Wellbeing on the Frontline.

Workshop 4- Mental Health, the workplace and you

Karen Shukla-Mental Health First Aid England

10 Keys to happier living

Great dream- Ten keys to happier living

Take ten together at work

Address Your Stress toolkit - This free-to-download toolkit includes infographics and shareable GIFs on stress and self-care.

Take 10 Together toolkit – This is a free to download toolkit on how to take 10 minutes and have a conversation with someone.

Please do feel free to look at some of the other resources available on the Mental Health First Aid England website on the following link.

Workshop 5- Responding to Vicarious Trauma

Workshop 6- Building Personal Resilience in a fast-paced world

Workshop 7- Debriefing; avoiding taking work home with you

Workshop 8- Coping Strategies

Dan Farnworth works on the frontline of the UK Emergency Services for the Ambulance service.

Coping Strategies presentation

Five ways to Wellbeing

Wellbeing resources

Hannah Rogers- Clinical Psychologist with the NHS and Dobrochna Zajas- Cognitive Behaviour Therapist at Brett Grellier Psychology Services, provided an opportunity for frontline staff to talk with them and receive support on the day.

A selection of useful handouts were provided on the day for staff to take away with them. These which can be accessed on the following links;

NHS Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Slef-Help Leaflets

Centre for Clinical Interventions- self help resources

The Litigant in Person Network

Staff from The Litigant in Person Network provided information on the range of their work. 'The Network connects a wide range of people with a common goal of improving access to justice. This group includes the advice sector, legal professionals, academics, the judiciary, and Court and Tribunal staff.'

LiP Leaflet