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Frontline Worker Survey: New Report Launched

Frontline Worker Survey: New Report Launched

Frontline Worker Survey: New Report Launched

This report shares insights from frontline staff across the United Kingdom who work to support people experiencing homelessness

Listening to lived and frontline experience is crucial to addressing homelessness. As we face growing challenges such as the cost of living crisis, it is important that these insights are heard and can help shape future policy and practice.

826 frontline workers from across the United Kingdom took part in our Frontline Worker Survey over a four-week period in November-December 2021. 1 in 5 frontline staff had also previously used or currently used homelessness services themselves. This report summarises survey findings on the following topics:

  • Access to accommodation
  • Access to broader support (e.g. health services and benefits)
  • The impact of the pandemic and emergency provisions
  • Staff wellbeing and professional development 

We have already used results to inform our work in various ways, including the design of our Annual Frontline Network Conference and responses to various government and sector consultations this year. Read more about how we amplify insights from frontline staff

We are now pleased for the report to be publicly available as a source of evidence to further amplify the insights of frontline staff in the UK.

Click the report below to read our findings. 

Get involved:

We call on decision makers to review the learning shared in this report and respond to insights from frontline and lived experiences of homelessness. Please get in touch to discuss these findings and how they can be taken forward further: frontline@stmartinscharity.org.uk.

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