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Frontline Worker Survey 2020: Report Launched

Frontline Worker Survey 2020: Report Launched

Frontline Worker Survey 2020: Report Launched

We are pleased to share the results of the Frontline Worker Survey 2020! 

The latest annual Frontline Worker Survey took place in November 2020 and collected feedback from staff working across the UK to support people experiencing homelessness. Thank you to everyone who contributed. 

Listening to lived and frontline experience is crucial to addressing homelessness. 930 frontline workers responded to our latest survey, 1 in 6 of whom had also previously used or currently use homelessness services themselves.

Our newly published report explores frontline workers' insights into challenges, solutions and recommendations concerning:

  • The COVID-19 Response
  • Access to Accommodation
  • Access to Welfare Support
  • Access to Support Services and Healthcare
  • Migrant Homelessness Support
  • Frontline Worker Wellbeing

You can view the Full Report and Executive Summary below. 


Looking forward, we invite decision makers from throughout the UK to meet with frontline workers and members of the Frontline Network to discuss the issues raised in this report and agree a roadmap to put recommendations into practice.

The decision makers we are particularly keen to engage with are:

  • Governments across the UK
  • Department for Work & Pensions
  • Local Authorities
  • Landlords (Private and Social)
  • Support Organisations

If you are a decision maker please get in contact via email and we can connect you to a network of frontline workers with expertise and insight: frontline@stmartinscharity.org.uk

If you are a frontline worker in the sector we encourage you to join the Frontline Network via our website – registration is free. The network aims to amplify frontline worker voices and as a member you can also access funding, community and resources.

Addressing the issues raised in this report requires a united effort and we appreciate your support in spreading the word. Use or adapt our template email here and click here to tweet and share this report with your colleagues in the sector and the politicians working to represent you.