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Frontline Worker Survey 2019: Full Report Launched!

Frontline Worker Survey 2019: Full Report Launched!

Frontline Worker Survey 2019: Full Report Launched!

The Frontline Network is delighted to announce the launch of the 'Annual Frontline Worker Survey 2019 Report'. 

Now more than ever decision-makers must listen to the voices of those experiencing homelessness, and the frontline workers who support them. 1,435 frontline workers responded to this survey, which makes this report the largest collection of frontline workers’ views across the United Kingdom.

We hope this report allows you to understand the significant challenges facing people experiencing homelessness, and the many hurdles frontline workers must overcome to prevent homelessness.

Thank you to all the frontline workers who took the time to feedback your expertise. Your insight is central to the work at the Frontline Network.

Read the Full Report here:                                              Read the Executive Summary here:


Report's Key Findings

Despite the daily innovation and strong resolve of frontline workers, this year’s feedback represents a harsh reminder of the difficulties people experiencing homelessness face in accessing accommodation – with all types of accommodation being viewed as more difficult to access, compared with last year’s figures.

Frontline workers also described how it has become harder to access specialist support, and that accessing welfare and financial support has become much harder, with Universal Credit (UC) being cited as a major factor:


Frontline Worker Survey 2019: Report Recommendations

Every day frontline workers overcome multiple structural & practical barriers, to help individuals access housing and specialist support, and to prevent them from experiencing homelessness.

Based on the feedback from 1,435 frontline workers in our Frontline Worker Survey 2019, we have set out the following five recommendations:


Amplify the Voice of the Frontline Worker!

If you’re a frontline worker in the sector, we encourage you to join the Frontline Network – registration is free, and members can access support, training, and a strong frontline community. Please get in contact if you would like to find out more about your local Frontline Network.

If you are a decision-maker who would like to bring in the voice frontline workers when developing strategies to reduce homelessness, please do get in contact and we would be happy to offer support: marcus.loney-evans@stmartinscharity.org.uk.