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Coventry Frontline Network

Coventry Frontline Network

Coventry Frontline Network

The Coventry Frontline Network has been facilitated by Coventry Citizens Advice since 2017.

The Network’s quarterly forums have provided valuable spaces for frontline workers in Coventry and the wider Midlands area to raise issues and identify best practice. Meetings are attended by homelessness organisations, advice agencies and housing providers, along with council staff and the Department for Work and Pensions among others.

In late 2021, a key issue discussed was the withdrawal of the £20 a week uplift to Universal Credit, which coincided with the end of other Covid support measures such as furlough and extended eviction notices. A Network meeting posed the question: “What support do you think clients will need to cope with this change?”. Frontline workers discussed best practice such as the importance of clear communication with people affected and support for those who may face deficit budgets as a result of the withdrawal, as well as the need for wider change to ease financial pressures in the longer term.

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Blogs from the Coventry Frontline Network

A guest blog written by Zoë Titchener, Coventry Frontline Network Co-ordinator on Council Discretionary Grants Teams and Homelessness in Coventry.