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Brighton and Hove Frontline Network

Brighton and Hove Frontline Network

Brighton and Hove Frontline Network

Justlife run the Brighton and Hove Frontline Network, which offers support to frontline workers who work with people experiencing homelessness in Brighton and Hove.

The Brighton and Hove Frontline Network facilitates quarterly events, which provide a regular opportunity to bring together frontline workers in the Brighton and Hove area to network, share expertise, and experience, and link to decision makers.

Covid-19 updates

E-news updates

Please find enclosed the latest COVID-19 updates from Brighton and Hove Frontline Network:

March 24th 2020

March 31st 2020

April 7th 2020 

April 14th 2020

April 21st 2020

April 28th 2020

May 5th 2020

May 12th 2020

May 19th 2020

Past Events

Homelessness & Health Conference - 20th November 20, 2019

Rough Sleeping Strategy - Come And Have Your Say - 5th November 2019

Brain Injury Training For Homelessness Workers (Brighton) - 29th October, 2019

Could Universal Credit Help Improve The Lives Of Homeless People In Brighton And Hove? - 19th September, 2018

Community Of Practice: Behind The Front Line In Brighton & Hove - 5th September, 2019

Reducing Rough Sleeping Event - 1st May, 2019


Universal Credit

In September 2018, we hosted an event in collaboration with our local DWP team to work together with frontline workers to identify both current challenges and potential solutions regarding Universal credit.

This summary highlights some helpful pointers from the DWP arising from the key issues raised by frontline workers. To request a more detailed report of the event please email: frontline@justlife.org.uk

Local Blogs

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Upcoming events