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All in for Change

All in for Change

All in for Change

What is All in for Change?

All in for Change is an inclusive programme using a collaborative effort to end homelessness in Scotland.  It is driven by a Change Team of people from across Scotland - experts in what homelessness looks like on the ground, for those most affected by it.  The team, made up of Change Leads, bring together diverse knowledge from people with recent experience of homelessness and those working in a frontline role.  We believe that Scotland will only develop and deliver the best policies to end homelessness when people with personal and professional experience are involved. 

We were formed as a result of the Ending Homelessness Together Plan (2018) which included recommendations to end homelessness in Scotland and we use easy language and a very informal working approach. to bridge the gap between policy & planning, and action on the ground.  We are represented on the Scottish Government’s Homelessness Prevention Strategy Group (HPSG) where we are invited to present a report outlining our learning and knowledge from the ground.

The programme is led by 3 organisations: Cyrenians, Homeless Network Scotland and Scottish Community Development Centre and each bring different expertise to help deliver the work, but the programme is underpinned by the principle of co-production.

The 4 New Directions
Our work is guided by what we call our 4 New Directions which are the recommendations from the Ending Homelessness Together Plans (2018, 2020) condensed into 4 clear, accessible messages.

We want to test what is happening on the ground in relation to these messages and report back though the Homeless and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HPSG) and other influencing networks to policy makers.

Our 4 new directions are:

    • At Home - Everyone has a right to settled, good quality, mainstream housing as quickly as possible
    • People First - Taking a more person-centered approach to supporting the social, mental and physical wellbeing of individuals, giving people more choice and control
    • No Wrong Door - Stronger coordinated working between different services, with clearer pathways for those most at risk and no-one being turned away
    • Good Vibes - Focusing on people’s strength’s and abilities, creating positive environments in our services and helping others to understand and be compassionate about people going through tough times


Hear the Change Leads tell you about the Change Team in their own words…

You can find our reports to the Scottish Government’s Homelessness Prevention Strategy Group here. 

Read more about The Change Team and the 4 New Directions to end homelessness here. 

Learn about the current consultation that we are delivering across Scotland, our National Conversation here.