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Making a successful charitable application Workshop - London

Making a successful charitable application Workshop - London

Making a successful charitable application Workshop - London

Monday, April 15, 2019

Quaker Social Action


Quaker Social Action, Bethnal Green

Help your clients make a successful application to a charity for something they need.
For social workers and charity sector advisers.

2-hour workshop - £40

There are hundreds of charities giving grants to individuals, but with funding cuts it can be hard to know who to apply to and whether your claim will be a success or a waste of time.
Most Down to Earth clients need help from a charity to cover their funeral bill. We know who to approach, how to find them, and what makes a successful application. In this workshop we share our tried and tested techniques.

Though we only help with applications for funeral costs, the techniques are applicable to grants for other items such as household goods and educational courses.

What you’ll learn:
How to find a grant giving charity
Key questions to ask to confirm suitability
Practical skills in writing a successful application
What documents to include
Building relationships with grant-givers

What your clients will gain:
Grants toward items they need
A positive interaction with you
Better quality of life as a result

For more information and to book your place, please see the Quaker Social Action website.

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