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  • Exploring Universal Credit

    Exploring Universal Credit

    Peff Soulsby from Changing Lives writes about a recent Be the Change Frontline Network event which explored the thorny issue of Universal Credit.

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  • Vicar's Relief Fund (VRF) Easter Hours

    Vicar's Relief Fund (VRF) Easter Hours

    VRF Easter Opening and Closing Times

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  • The Unspoken Truth About Frontline

    The Unspoken Truth About Frontline

    One of Mayday's former Asset Coaches shares the unspoken truth about working on the frontline and her experiences of being in and against the system.

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  • Frontline Network Conference

    Frontline Network Conference

    Save the Date! The Frontline Network Conference will be held on Thursday 7 June 2018 in Central London.

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  • Wrexham's Crisis Cafe

    Wrexham's Crisis Cafe

    Sinead Kelleher writes about Wrexham's Crisis Cafe, a multi-agency response to Universal Credit.

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Harnessing the ideas, energy and experience of those at the frontline working with homeless and vulnerably housed people.

We recognise that frontline workers are a key asset in tackling homeless and housing issues in the UK, and yet they can often be under-resourced in their organisations and their voices unheard by decision-makers.

We view frontline workers as staff working in the Voluntary, Statutory and Public Sectors undertaking diverse roles including Resettlement or Outreach Workers, Supported Housing Officers, Mental Health Teams, Drug and Alcohol Support, GP’s, Probation, Social Workers, Prison In-Reach Workers, Police, Nurses, other Health professionals.  

Frontline workers work directly with people who are experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless or are vulnerably housed.

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News and Views

  • Leaving Care Bond Scheme

    Leaving Care Bond Scheme
    To develop a small pilot bond scheme with an accommodation provider in Liverpool for young people leaving care.