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London Frontline Multiple Needs Community of Practice Meeting

London Frontline Multiple Needs Community of Practice Meeting

London Frontline Multiple Needs Community of Practice Meeting

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Homeless Link


Crisis, 66 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT

This is a meeting of frontline homelessness professionals, specialising in the area of multiple disadvantage and complex needs. At our last meeting, the continuing issue of dual diagnosis came up as a challenging circumstance for workers to help people navigate through, so for this meeting, we have Gary French from BHT in Brighton attending to speak about the approaches they are testing to address this.

There will be the opportunity for discussion around this, and of course, time for networking and sharing some time with your professional peers.

What is it?
A Community of Practice is a space to bring together people who have a shared experience, passion or concern for a particular issue. We use the experience and practical knowledge of attendees to create change and meaningful impact by promoting good practice, innovation and knowledge sharing. This is not a training course - it is an opportunity to bring your own knowledge of the sector you work in and have experience of and share it with your peers in a safe, inclusive space.

Who should attend?
Frontline workers, working in the homelessness sector, or other sectors where homelessness has an impact. Whether you're based in a day centre, a hostel, a supported accommodation project - if you are supporting people who have had, and continue to, experience multiple disadvantage, we hope this will be an event of interest to you!
What's in it for me?

The opportunity to network and meet people doing similar work across the sector, share your knowledge, and learn from the experience of others.

The Community of Practice is driven by it's members, so it goes in the direction the group chooses, and discusses the issues that are of most interest to the people in the room. This is an opportunity to 'be the change'.

Lunch will be provided and the event is free to attend, however spaces are limited, so please sign up as soon as possible. You can sign up here.


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