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Turn2us Workshop - Glasgow

Turn2us Workshop - Glasgow

Turn2us Workshop - Glasgow

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


9.30am - 12.30pm

Glasgow, G3 6DS, Scotland

If you are a staff member or volunteer offering frontline advice, support or information to people who are struggling with money, join us for a three hour workshop and learn how to use:
• The Turn2us Benefits Calculator – learn how you can find out someone’s benefit entitlement in less than 8 minutes, compare whether someone would be better off getting a job or staying on benefits, as well as calculating universal credit entitlement
• The Grants Search Tool – learn how to search for financial grants and how to apply for them
• Our website to access a plethora of other information including information on Universal Credit, PIP and where to access help
With these easy-to-use web tools you will be able to help people access benefits, grants and other forms of financial help.


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