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Reflective Practice & Self Care for Frontline Homelessness Practitioners - Exeter

Reflective Practice & Self Care for Frontline Homelessness Practitioners - Exeter

Reflective Practice & Self Care for Frontline Homelessness Practitioners - Exeter

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Trailblazer Devon


Hennis Room, St Sidwell's Community Centre, St Sidwell's Street, Exeter, EX4 6NN

Reflective Practice & Self Care for Frontline Homelessness Practitioners
New Format for November – Based on Your Feedback
Autumn Dates: 8th Nov & 6th Dec
Spring Dates: 17th Jan & 7th Feb
Thanks to those of you who have offered us feedback on our Reflective Practice sessions so far. We have changed the format so that you have time to bring cases and client / work related issues for discussion as well as dedicated time for learning and reflecting on approaches to your own self care.

Reflective Practice – Live Cases and Current Issues (first 55 mins)
Members of the group will be encouraged to bring current live cases for discussion and supported to reflect on practice. We take a positive approach that builds on practitioner strengths and what is, or has been, working well. This is a chance to share with fellow practitioners and create connections with others working within the sector. If you want to submit your areas of interest for discussion in advance, please do.

Short Break (10 mins)

Cultivating Self Care Practices (last 55 mins)
Working in the helping professions, particularly homelessness can be tiring and frustrating. Most professionals keep going through harder times because of their passion and commitment. Sometimes however, this is not enough and exhaustion and burnout threatens. Cultivating a practice of self care can give you the fuel you need during these times to both take a step back, appreciate and focus on what can be done and give you an internal source of energy and inspiration. Evidence abounds that self care works, and much like staying physically fit it requires regular practice. In this session we will introduce you to different approaches and techniques so that you can cultivate practices that suits you.
If you already have approaches that work, then we welcome you to share and explore these with the group.

“The advice was really useful not only for my own work needs but also listening to others advice and cases really helped to impact on my own working practice too.”
“I plan to Implement a range of strategies for dealing with difficult situations, based on the advice and perspectives from others in the session.”

Who will be there?
Homelessness professionals that work on a regular basis with people experiencing the effects of trauma, poor mental health and addiction.

Either Dr Adam Morgan or Dr Stale Rygh will facilitate the sessions. Both are Exeter based Clinical Psychologists with many years experience working in adult mental health services. Much of their clinical experience has been working with trauma and its consequences, helping clients and colleagues alike to understand its impact and how to move forward from it, and out if its grip. They are both passionate about how psychological understanding can help people to work with, understand and manage traumatic life experience.

The sessions are organised by Tracey Warrener, Homelessness Prevention Partnership Co-ordinator for Trailblazer Devon. The project spans East Devon, Mid Devon, Exeter City and Teignbridge working with a wide range of organisations. Tracey has a background in NHS Commission and is an experienced Strengths coach and management consultant working across a range of care groups with a special interest in mental health from children, to adults and older people.

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