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Coventry Frontline Network

Coventry Frontline Network

Coventry Frontline Network

Coventry Citizens Advice run the Coventry Frontline Network, which offers support to frontline workers who work with people experiencing homelessness in Coventry and the wider Midlands area.

The Coventry Frontline Network facilitates quarterly events, which provide a regular opportunity to bring together frontline workers in the Coventry and wider Midlands area to network, share expertise, and experience, and link to decision makers.

Amplifying your voice

Coventry Frontline Network - Section 21 Call For Evidence

The Coventry Frontline Network recently sought the views of frontline workers in Coventry and the wider midlands area, in relation to the Government's plan to remove Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988. 

Their response considered the proposals suggested within the Government's 'A new deal for renting: 'Resetting the balance of rights and responsibilities between landlords and tenants', from the perspective of frontline homelessness workers.

You can read the submission here.

Coventry Frontline Network response to: HRA call for evidence July 2019

The Coventry Frontline Network held sessions for frontline housing and homelessness workers to discuss the national Call for Evidence about the first year of the Homelessness Reduction Act.

You can read the Coventry Frontline Network response here.

Local Blogs

Influencing Local Decisions


Zoë Titchener has run the Coventry Frontline Network since its launch in September 2017.

In our first two years, we have seen the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act, the roll-out of Universal Credit in Coventry, and the creation of Coventry City Council’s new Housing & Homelessness strategy. We host a dedicated forum for frontline workers to meet and discuss these important topics, providing a space to hear their voices and allowing those voices to be heard by decision makers. The network is looking for better ways of working together, to improve outcomes for Coventry people who are vulnerably housed or experiencing homelessness.

Following the extension of the project until 2022, the Coventry network is looking forward to expanding its remit into the wider Midlands area, to ensure people working on the frontline can access the information and support that the national network has to offer. We are aiming to create a “network of networks” in the West Midlands Combined Authority and beyond.

For more information about the Coventry network, contact Zoë at: ztitchener@coventrycab.org.uk or on 02476 252 616.

Follow us on twitter: @CoventryCA #CovFLN

Upcoming events

Hot Topics

Our last Coventry Frontline Network forum was held on 18th September 2019 and was attended by Coventry City Council, advice agencies, homelessness organisations and housing providers. Have a look at the Meetings section to find out more.

For further information about the Coventry network, get in touch with Zoë at: ztitchener@coventrycab.org.uk or on 02476 252 616

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