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Hospital to Home
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  • Hospital to Home

    AWARDED: £10,000

    The fund is to enable the discharge support service to promote better hospital discharges for South London and Maudsley trust (SLAM) patients. Making sure that wherever the patient is going to, whether it is home, hostel, temporary or emergency accommodation, that they have their basic needs met.

    As a team we see people discharged from acute wards to places where their living conditions are far from ideal. They often lack basic furniture such as beds and household items like saucepans or a kettle. Poor sleep and poor nutrition have been identified as having a substantial negative impact on both physical and mental health. Someone who has had a recent hospitalisation and has an already fragile mental health would be doubly impacted. As a team we utilise all available resources, but there are often gaps in funding which we plan to fill using the funds provided.  We plan to allocate the funds to 3 different areas:

    • Inclusivity Fund- To help patients who do not qualify for the Local authority hardship fund or a majority of charitable funding options  because they are :
    • On a low income
    • No recourse to public funds
    • Have no current benefits currently paying as still in assessment/application stages.
    • Are in receipt of contribution based benefits.
    • In receipt of statutory sick pay or reduced salary.
    • Have received a hardship grant in the previous year.
    • Dignity and Safety Fund -To contribute/facilitate other grants and address urgent needs:
    • Fund to supply small items such as kettles, bedding and other items it can be difficult to raise funding for.
    • To pay delivery/removal costs where items are being donated free or are in storage.
    • Pay for connection of cookers and washing machines where not covered by local authority grant or other funders.
    • Pay for 1 night’s emergency accommodation if no other option is available.
    • Sustainable Progression Fund-To provide advance payments where charity funding has been agreed:

    We work closely with a number of excellent local charities who respond quickly to our applications, however the funds can then take up to 1 month to clear through NHS accounts. We would be able to provide these funds immediately they have been approved by local charities, supporting the individuals to purchase the urgently needed item/s. Being able to quickly purchase items will help with more positive discharges for patients.

    This funding will be self-sustainable as we will only provide funds/items where we have confirmed charity funding in place.

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