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Lockdown Life Skills
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  • Lockdown Life Skills

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    Through the use of technology we would like to interact with as much of our service users as possible, I have had a look at different ways in which we can implement this effectively. All materials used will provide us with tools to monitor and target the appropriate service users for each workshop. 

    Interactive movie nights through the use of Netflix party. This will allow us to choose appropriate films and have our service users watch this film at the same time. While the film is running there is an interactive live chat so service users can discuss and share their favorite parts of the film being shown.
    Interactive book clubs through the use of Google classroom, chapters will be picked out of books and scanned onto Google classroom allowing service users to gain access and report feedback. Once the book is finished we would hold a general evaluation session, to objectively critique the books that we have read using interactive video call app Zoom.

    To run a general timetable we would be looking at pre - recording workshops, ie; substance misuse awareness, mental health awareness, healthy eating, money management and understanding your rights. We would stream these session as webinars using apps like Zoom and GoToWebinar which will allow us to record hours’ worth of sessions that are accessible at the convenience of the service users.

    During this lockdown period we will use Zoom and video calls in particular, to hold one-to-one sessions to create career action plans for our service users. These sessions would be typed up and sent to the service user through Google classroom. They would be able to make any relevant changes and sign off the career action plan regularly reviewing to work towards the SMART objectives that we agreed.

    For our ESOL service users that require extra support or those that would like to develop their English and maths. With the use of Google classroom we will put up weekly worksheets and reading material, which can be completed and submitted back by a specific deadline. This will allow us to mark and send back effective feedback to strengthen their development. We would also hold live targeted classes, using our findings from the basic skills assessment to provide additional support. 

    We will utilise and strengthen our social media presence and the use of WhatsApp broadcast messages to keep our service users updated on the latest workshops, job/apprenticeship advertisement and activities going on within the Association.

    To ensure that we are reaching out to service users that have been strongly affected by anxiety and depression that may struggle openly reach out for support. We would work with the mental health specialist to design an anonymous secure web chat where we can offer guidance and support. With constant encouragement to engage with local mental health services. 

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