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The future is bright
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  • The future is bright

    Broomfield Place has been an ex-offenders hostel for over forty years; the service was originally run by Stonham, then Home group and now Fry Accord. However, the aim has always been the same and that is to support homeless people who are at risk of offending.

    The support the service offers is tailored to meet the individual need of client to assist them in their journey of reintegration in to society. In this way we support them in becoming valued members of society.

    A major part of the centres work is to prepare clients for independent living, offering advice and support with resolving past housing issues that led to their homelessness. We work closely with other social landlord’s and tenancy sustainment officers.

    Client can reside at the centre for between six and nine months. The centre provides information and advocacy to prevent homelessness. Tenancy sustainment is part of our work, supporting clients to prepare for their new tenancy, talking to them about cost of setting up their new home, saving for their first weeks / months rent and setting up payment plans for their utilities.

    Often the clients that are referred to the centre are struggling with poor mental health, drug and alcohol addictions, so preparation for independently living is key, to their success.

    The aim of the project is to reduce the pressure and risk of failure by providing clients with a three packs based on the individuals need.

    Broomfield place clients have identified items that would be useful to them.

    Move in pack:
    shower gel a towel, toothpaste, deodorant shampoo. Washing powder

    Start up pack:
    Kettle and Toaster, Pan Set dinner set and cutlery

    Cleaning pack:
    Toilet rolls and cleaning products
    Brush, dust pan, mop and bucket bin and a bowl.

    Those clients who receive the packs will see an improvement in their mental health, confidence and self esteem. As they will have the basics to keep them-selves and their new property clean.

    The move out packs will go some way to reduce the stress and strain of moving onto independent living. Microwave kettle and toaster will provide the basics equipment to make a hot meal.

    The project will benefit 16 clients on a rolling basis and help reduce repeat homelessness, offending. While improving people’s mental health, self esteem and general wellbeing

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