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Public Art Exhibition produced in collaboration with homeless service users and local artists
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  • Public Art Exhibition produced in collaboration with homeless service users and local artists

    AWARD: £3500



    To create a public art exhibition as a collaborative piece involving local homeless or vulnerably housed service users, and local artists. The finished piece will be publicly displayed in Sheffield during Mental Health week May 2019 in order to raise awareness around the link between the two subjects. The piece will be based around the lived experience of the service users working on the project.


    • How your idea would be sustainable beyond the period of our ideas funding:
    After previous collaborative art exhibitions we have found that service users report improvement in confidence, a desire to participate in further art based projects, an openness to learning new skills, a desire to volunteer in the community and a heightened sense of individual self-worth. We also found that service users found group activities far less intimidating and were more open to becoming involved in courses and training.
    • What the key learning outcome from your idea could be:
    Other than the outcomes mentioned previously, we have had strong feedback from participants of art projects in the past that focusing on an exhibition such as this has had a positive effect on their mental health, helped them feel less socially isolated and aided them in learning new creative and communicative skills. We have also found that people have found working with established artists in the community extremely rewarding and given them an enormous sense of contributing to the city.
    • Explain who your target audience is and what the need is that you are trying to tackle with your idea:
    The exhibition will raise awareness about the links between mental health and homelessness in Sheffield. The exhibition will be co-produced by service users and local artists and will be focused on the life experiences of the service users involved in its creation. The artwork will raise awareness of both of these topics and there interconnectedness, draw attention to the short fall in funding to both of these areas and improve the skills, confidence and wellbeing of all of those involved.
    • If you have previously done any research or pilot studies into the problem you are tackling, mention this. 
    As a service that works with 75 clients who are all either homeless or vulnerably housed and have a mental health diagnosis we are acutely aware how marginalizing these factors can be to people living in our city. This effects everyone in the city and we want to produce something beautiful, thought provoking and informative that will raise awareness around these issues and highlight the enormous gaps in funding. We want this to be created by those most affected by this underfunding and have people hear their voice.
    • Give an indication of how you would attempt to measure the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. 
    We have in previous years embarked on co-produced collaborative exhibitions with service users and local art groups. These have worked fantastically well and everyone involved found them to be tremendously beneficial. We have in the past collected data from the service users at the start of a project and at the end. These entrance and exit forms have included questions pertaining to the 5 ways to wellbeing, as well as other evaluation questions as to how we might shape future projects. 

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