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The Outside Project
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  • The Outside Project



    To create a full time community shelter & centre as a prevention of & response to the higher rates of complex needs, crisis & homelessness amongst the LGBTIQ+ community. 


    The provision of a safe, exclusive space for the LGBTIQ+ community to come to when in crisis - fleeing hate crime, domestic violence & homelessness.


    To advocate for training & equality in the specific needs of our community within the support sector & the creation of more 'identity responsive' services. 




    The Outside Project is the UK's first LGBTIQ+ crisis/homeless shelter, receiving referrals from Stonewall Housing, Galop, Albert Kennedy Trust, day centres and outreach services. 


    They currently run an LGBTIQ+ community hub in partnership with Stonewall Housing, offering free clothing store, activities and breakfast. Other identity responsive support agencies such as Galop offer drop-in sessions at the hub. 


    They advocate for change within the support sector and the community, attending meetings, conferences and talking in community spaces. 


    They support sober spaces & run workshops at events as a harm reduction, as the LGBTIQ+ community are more likely to have substance misuse issues. 


    They began their crowdfunding campaign at London Pride 2017, successfully buying a 12 bed tour bus to use as their winter shelter. They opened the shelter pilot in December & by Christmas had raised over £15k towards the project - the level of support financially and physically (30+ volunteers) allowed the pilot to continue for 10 weeks & demonstrated the understanding of the need for it amongst the community. Many of the volunteers have a personal investment in the project having experienced abuse & homelessness themselves.


    There is a clear need for an LGBTIQ+ exclusive service, further demonstrated by this project, and so this application is for funding towards continuing full time in a permanent premises. 


    This is a vital pan London service. 

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