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Welfare Rights In Reach Project
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  • Welfare Rights In Reach Project



    The project will provide appointments for 150 clients to have welfare rights advice at the centre from a specialist welfare rights worker from the local Law Centre through a weekly inreach surgery. It will also have a disability rights element around Pip, ESA etc. 




    The project will deliver the following:


    - Ensure clients receive face to face advice from a specialist welfare rights adviser (approx. 150 clients)


    - Advice on hardship payments, entitlements and easements for homeless people around universal credit


    - Maximise incomes and identify underclaiming


    - Appeal sanctions, and undertake mandatory reconsiderations


    - Identify entitlements for EEA nationals and support clients to pursue claims


    - Identify entitlement to disability benefits and support


    - Signpost to other relevant legal advice eg Care Act, immigration etc


    - Independent advice on benefit implications and entitlements re return to work


    - Advice on HB entitlement in arrears and NSP cases to help prevent eviction.                                                                                                                  


    This has been piloted before with huge success. For example, the adviser prevented 7 Irish nationals from being made street homeless as the DWP had misadvised them they had to satisfy the habitual residence test and would not receive benefits for 3 months which was incorrect.


    The pilot also achieved a £10k backdate for a homeless person who had to be supported to put in 2 appeals to the DWP to get income reinstated and had been destitute for 3 years. 


    The pilot has also supported people to obtain PIP.


    The adviser also acts as a resource to other support workers to advise them on strategy for other cases. 


    Success will be measured through output data eg clients seen / issues supported and outcomes eg income maximisation figures / case studies / feedback.


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