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Mental Health Referral Fund
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  • Mental Health Referral Fund

    AWARD: £10,000


    ORGANISATION: Nomad Opening Doors




    To enable people to access appropriate, professional mental health support when it is most needed.


    To shift the power of decision making back to the person when it comes to their own mental health support.




    We have found one of the biggest barriers that people face going through life’s toughest transitions is mental health difficulties. The current roots to typical mental health support is long and drawn out, with many people disengaging before they get the support they need. 


    We propose to have a fund, alongside a list of professional, qualified and approved private councillors and therapists that we can refer people too who we have identified as in need of mental health support if they are to overcome the barriers preventing them from progressing in life.


    The access to the councillors and therapists through this method will be almost immediate. It will enable the people to choose the person they talk too, creating a stronger professional relationship and ultimately better mental health support. If this relationship is not achieved, it also enables the person to request a different councillor or therapist who they feel will be better able to support them, shifting the power of life choices back to the individual.


    We are aiming to raise a minimum of £5000. This will enable us to provide 12 people with 10 hours each of mental health support.


    From the feedback and outcomes we will be able to determine if this is an effective method of overcoming mental health and life barriers. We will enable people to better access mental health support and also improve the services we deliver to our clients which may also help us to access more funding in the future.

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    (Asset Coach), from Northampton Sounds good. An idea where the aim is, an individual having control over their support and what it looks like to them has my vote. Appropriate support not as we see it as professionals, but as that person sees and wants it. How services should be and how I would want it should I ask for it.
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