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Home Comfort
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  • Home Comfort

    AWARD: £1,000


    ORGANISATION: Huddersfield Mission




    To provide basic home furnishing packs to vulnerable people starting a new tenancy.




    The local council can no longer provide furniture and white goods to people who are entering new tenancies with little or no furniture. The only option locally for many of their clients is to either borrow funds to buy essentials, or do without. Even if their clients can arrange a loan, they are often already on a very low income with other debts and will need to wait weeks to obtain furniture.


    Huddersfield Mission are working in partnership with the local food bank the Welcome Centre and have negotiated special low rates from a local furniture charity for essential furniture, white goods and delivery charges. The Welcome Centre can already provide homestarter packs of kitchen essentials, bedding and towels but people often have little else.


    Huddersfield Mission will run a pilot project which will offer 10 people in dire need a budget of between £100-£200 to choose the furniture items they need to make their new tenancy a home. The flexible amount will ensure those clients who urgently need white goods, for example a washing machine due to continence issues, can be catered for. They believe if people are helped to furnish their new tenancies, they have a much greater chance of retaining their tenancy long term and a much lower likelihood of getting into further debt.


    Huddersfield Mission will monitor the numbers of people accessing the scheme, and the retention of tenancies where assistance was offered. They will also give qualitative feedback in the form of case studies where their clients share their account of how the scheme has helped them. 

    Your Comments...

    (Tenancy sustainment ), from Plymouth Devon PATH has provided tenancy starter packs and they work really. Particularly as we work with refugees who come to us with absolutely nothing. It worked really well and I would support this scheme. It's definitely worth considering how to continue in some way if/when funding comes and goes. We're doing quite well with advertising on social media for donations.
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