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Creative  Artistic Learning Motivation (CALM)
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  • Creative Artistic Learning Motivation (CALM)

    AWARD: £2,362


    ORGANISATION: One Housing Group 




    To improve independent living among young people, through raising awareness of street culture and its impact; developing workshops around healthy eating; and helping young people compile an activity book of skills and wellbeing information. 




    One Support Whites Row is an assessment centre which provides supported accommodation to young people.


    One Support Whites Row is proposing three workshop projects to include in our standard 6-8 week roll over programme for young people focusing on: street culture, healthy eating and creative arts. The aim is to prevent homelessness by improving independent living skills among this client group.


    At present gang culture is a rising issue among young people; therefore our aim is to inform them of the risks and dangers surrounding street/gang culture. Recent research on social inclusion suggests such workshops result in a decrease in crime among young people, resulting in more young people focusing on: education, training and employment.


    We will also have a workshop focused on healthy eating. Tower Hamlets has the fifth highest obesity level in the country. Introducing healthy eating workshops, cooking workshops and inviting qualified local organisations to explain and elaborate on the rising concerns of healthy eating will better equip young people for the future. In turn this will improve awareness of the risk to their health. A case study into the Islington Scheme of One Support has shown that interactive workshops help young people to relax with staff and their peers.


    With the assistance of young people, cooking sessions will take place on site. This workshop will enable young people to do grocery shopping and prepare meals which will help with budgeting skills. We will also run budgeting workshops to equip young people to manage their money, which will reduce the risk of falling into rent arrears. This will hopefully reduce the risk of eviction or having their licence agreement terminated and becoming homeless.


    Our third workshop will be an art workshop; in which young people will be assisted in creating an activity book (CALM); this book will consist of skills and wellbeing information collected and compiled by the young person. The CALM booklet will then be a resource to be used even after they leave the scheme.


    Whites Row will invite external speakers to speak about gang/street culture at Whites Row Assessment Centre.


    In order to empower young people to use their creative skills staff will support and assist individuals to create customised booklets.


    All the workshops can be put towards the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Bronze award. This will benefit the individuals by building their independent skills and adding to their CV, increasing career opportunities for the young people.


    All young people at Whites Row would have the opportunity to benefit from these workshops.


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