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Furniture Storage
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  • Furniture Storage

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    To be able to make use of donated furniture to support clients moving into unfurnished accommodation. To make this sustainable on a longer term basis.




    The small homelessness charity that I work for often gets offered donations of furniture, white goods and soft furnishings but our lack of storage means we have to turn away a lot of these offers. I have looked into storage units and we are unable to meet the costs.


    The Ideas funding has been provided in order to cover the cost of furniture storage and delivery for a period of two years. We will aim to generate furniture donations which we can store and then deliver to clients when they move into private rented accommodation, free of charge to the client. We will try and generate some income to make the project sustainable by selling any of the more expensive items which are donated – allowing us to continue the project beyond the two year funding.


    Over the two year period we will measure:
    • The number of donated items
    • The number of items given to clients
    • The average length of time items are stored
    • The estimated value of items
    • Number of people helped
    • Amount raised through selling high value items



    Your Comments...

    (Partnership Development Officer/Training Coordinator), from Rotherham I think this is a great idea, and something that we also struggle with. It's great that you have thought about how you will sustain this in the long term and how it will alleviate the need for grants. Have you heard of Emmaus? They have a project in Sheffield (as well as many other places). They accept donated items, some old, broken etc and the residents upcycle them and sell them on via their shop or ebay. I know you mentioned that you need something that won't take up too much staff time, but maybe this could be an activity that you can do with your service users? There may also be staff members who like to do this sort of thing in their spare time. Good luck!
    (Lettings & Homeless Coordinator), from Hemel Hempstead The homeless charity I work for already do this, we are very lucky to have a warehouse. This is a brilliant idea and I have found it invaluable to my service users moving on into settled accommodation which is usually unfurnished. We sell to the public too and now have a good team of volunteers who man the warehouse, we have a van to do house clearances and we have developed this further to utilise a space at the back of our warehouse to mend appliances and we have our service users carrying this out I really hope you get your funding because what it offers to service users is priceless Good Luck
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