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Challenging Decision - Scottish Benefits

Challenging Decision - Scottish Benefits

Challenging Decision - Scottish Benefits

Thursday, August 15, 2024

The Frontline Network and CPAG Scotland are delighted to offer this half day, online group training session looking at challenging decisions within the Scottish benefit system.

This offer is only open to frontline workers in Scotland who are in paid positions and support people experiencing homelessness. If you fall outside of this criteria, you will not be able to attend this training session.

The Course

When a Scottish benefit is refused, an award is wrong or there is an overpayment, what steps can you take to put things right?

You may already be familiar with the processes involved in changing DWP decisions, but the terminology, rules and processes for Scottish benefits are different. Social Security Scotland can make a ‘redetermination’ or a ‘determination without application’ to change a decision or an award

There is also a new process to get an appeal underway to important new ‘short-term assistance’ is available. To make an effective case as an adviser and maximise income will depend on knowing which approach to take.

The course covers:

· Understanding the terminology

· When and how to apply for a redetermination

· When and how an award can be changed by ‘determination without application’

· Getting an appeal underway

· Getting short-term assistance while challenging a decision

The course does not cover preparing submission for appeals.

What You’ll Need

Participants will need a Wi-Fi connection and a suitable device to access the internet.

Prior to the event, participants will receive an email with a link which they should use to join the event.

Please also ensure Zoom is downloaded on your device ahead of event.

If you need to contact the Frontline Network ahead of or on the day of the training, please do so on frontline@stmartinscharity.org.uk

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