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Homeless Link: Community of Practice on strengths-based working

Homeless Link: Community of Practice on strengths-based working

Homeless Link: Community of Practice on strengths-based working

Thursday, September 30, 2021
Square Peg Round Hole? Is it possible to reconcile Strengths-based working with Outcomes Monitoring?

An increasing number of services and workers are working in a Strengths-based or Asset-based way. This Community of Practice is an opportunity for people working in services applying or interested in this approach to come together and discuss their practice in a safe and friendly environment. 

Since the last Community of Practice there has been a lot of discussion about outcomes measurement and in particular tools that can be used to measure progress. This has raised key questions about whether it is possible to measure progress in a strengths-based way or does all measurement distract from this holistic way and person-led of working? What tools, if any, can be used to track progress and should we be looking beyond traditional methods to capture the deeply personal experiences of each individual journey?

Who is this meeting for?

Anyone using, volunteering or working in services who would like to discuss Strengths-based Practice. You might already be working in this way or be interested in learning more. All are welcome.

How will the meeting be structured?

This meeting will be a workshop-style discussion. We will hear from practitioners who are trying different ways of capturing the progress people are making, sharing ideas and working towards potential solutions. The meeting will consist of presentations as well as small and large group discussions. You will need to have access to Zoom to attend this meeting. 

We will be discussing:

  • Why are we measuring and who is it for?
  • Assessments and tools...can we 'measure' in a strengths-based way?
  • Three-dimensional measurement...moving beyond traditional methods
  • It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it...how do we approach measurement?

Speakers include Tony Mckenzie (Joseph Rowntree Foundation), Sam Price (Signposts) and Vic Taylor (Cardboard Citizens)


Thursday, 30 September 2021
Online | 10am to 1pm

This event is free of charge. You can register here

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