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London PLUS: Understanding the Role of Healthcare in the London Homelessness Sector

London PLUS: Understanding the Role of Healthcare in the London Homelessness Sector

London PLUS: Understanding the Role of Healthcare in the London Homelessness Sector

Monday, July 12, 2021

An opportunity from Homeless Link for London-based agencies to hear more about Inclusion Health and healthcare changes in London. 

What is this event about?

In 2021-22, the PLUS Project will be focusing our work for 2021-22 on Health and Wellbeing – a healthy response to ending homelessness. The pandemic has prioritised the health of people experiencing homelessness in a new way and helped develop greater partnerships between the health and homelessness sectors. To ensure that health remains front and centre of our response to homelessness, we will be holding a series of events, training sessions and briefings on health-related topics.

The first of this series of events, Understanding the Role of Healthcare in the London Homelessness Sector, will take place on 12th July 1-4pm. This event will underline the significance of health in ending homelessness and will discuss Inclusion Health and outline the new Integrated Care Systems that are being introduced.

Proposed Agenda

1. Welcome, House Keeping and Introductions

2. Up-coming Health Changes in London 

Speaker - Liza Collins, Deputy Director, Homeless Health Programme, Healthy London Partnership

3. What is Inclusion Health?

Speaker - Sam Dorney-Smith, Queen’s Nursing Institute

4. London Health Network

Speaker - Chris Torry, London Network of Nurses and  Midwives Homelessness Network

5. Examples of Inclusion Health in London:

  • Hospital Discharge –Steve Wynne, Lead Nurse, Royal London Pathway Team
  • Community Health Inclusion Services - Fenella Jolly, Clinical Service Lead, Guys and St Thomas Health Inclusion Team
  • Groundswell -  Martin Murphy, Project Manager and Jo Brown, Research Manager, Groundswell

6. Homeless Link's Health Work

Speakers - TBC

7. Group Discussions - all

  • How does health impact on people experiencing homelessness?
  • How can your organisation best support the health and well-being needs of people experiencing homelessness?
  • What is working well/not so well in your area. What would you like to change?
  • What are the gaps? Are any new services needed in your area?
  • How might you adapt your service to be more inclusive/more responsive to those experiencing homelessness?

8.  Event Summary and Close

Where will the event take place?

This event will take place over Zoom. If you are unable to access Zoom for any reason, please contact vicky.album@homelesslink.org.uk

This event is funded by London Councils - there is no charge to attend. 

Event booking

Monday, 12 July, 1-4pm

Please register here to receive your zoom link.