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Health related street outreach guidance launch event

Health related street outreach guidance launch event

Health related street outreach guidance launch event

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Wednesday 20th January 2021


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Street outreach is an assertive strategy that aims to bring services directly to people who are sleeping rough. Although many homeless health services around the UK are providing street outreach, there was no guidance detailing how to deliver it.

To fill this gap the LNNM are publishing

“Guidelines for health related street outreach to people experiencing homelessness”

In January 2021. This guidance is endorsed by Pathway, Queen’s Nursing Institute and Royal College of Nursing.

The lead author, Rosa Ungpakorn, has based the guidelines on her experience, research exploring the perceptions of people with experience of sleeping rough, and consultation with health and social care workers providing street outreach around the UK.

In 2020 Rosa won the RCNi Advanced Nursing Practice Award for her nurse-led street outreach project in Westminster.

Our launch event is on the 20th January at 2pm, and has an amazing lineup. Speakers will include:

Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England

Rosa Ungpakorn, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Homeless Health Service, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Bean Noctor, Outreach Specialist, Find and Treat, University College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Jan Keauffling, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Healthcare for Homeless People, Abertawe Medical Partnership

Lauren Gibson, Lead Pharmacist for Substance Misuse and Prisons, NHS Lothian

Fiona Bateman, Solicitor and Independent Chair of Sutton and Barnet Safeguarding Adults Boards

Dr Nigel Hewett, Medical Director for Pathway, Secretary to the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health

The event will include talks, a panel discussion and the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and share their experiences of street outreach.

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