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Thread created on: Tuesday, July 28, 2020
By: Adam Nichols , Campaigns Officer

When vulnerable tenants have no furniture, if they are lucky, there may be a furnished tenancy scheme or a crisis grant available to help them. But for many, there is no help available. We want to hear from people who are falling through the cracks and are unable to get help with furniture and appliances.

If you are a frontline worker then we would like to ask for your help recruiting an interview participant for whom you have had difficulty getting furniture. We want to ask them questions about what receiving furniture and appliances would mean to them. The aim for our research is to shine a spotlight on this issue; highlight how the current system is unfair; and demonstrate why furniture support is needed for vulnerable people, no matter where they live.

We need clients who meet all of the following criteria:

They have lived in a home owned by a housing association or council for less than 12 months
Their landlord does not offer furnished tenancies
They have been unable to get furniture through a Local Welfare Assistance Scheme (either because there is no scheme in their local area, or because they are ineligible for some reason)

The interviews are carried out over the phone and take around half an hour. We are offering each participant a £20 gift voucher from a list of high street shops. This includes supermarkets and clothing stores.

Please see the attached Participant Information Sheet.

We do ask that you gain consent from each client to ensure that they are happy to be contacted by us to arrange an interview.

They (or their support worker) can enter their details into this online form: https://bit.ly/3hC7q8O Alternatively, details can emailed to us directly at info@endfurniturepoverty.org

Many thanks.

Attached File: 2020-07-28-9682-Participant Information Sheet for Tenants - 1.4.pdf - Download

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