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Prison Release Fund
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  • Prison Release Fund



    To provide clients with the best possible start on release from Prison.




    Sheffield working womens opportunities project supports women involved in street prostitution. 
    Whilst supporting our clients on release from HMP Newhall we have witnessed the difficulties and barriers preventing them from the best possible start. Many have no forms of ID and therefore struggle to open bank accounts or register for housing. Depending on the length of stay in Newhall some women are released with no benefits and no funds for bus passes etc to attend appointments. 
    The idea of the prison release fund would be to support our clients in the most crucial days after release. We have previously been able to identify that due to lack of the below resources - our women soon find themselves in unsafe situations that lead to re offending or being homeless. 
    We would complete needs assessments during our inreach appointments to Newhall and establish what support our clients will benefit from. We believe the following would be beneficial:
    ID Cards
    Weekly Bus passes to attend initial appointments (drugs appointment, housing, benefits)
    Funds for emergency B&B placement (if appropriate). 
    Bedding - toiletries - kitchen essentials For those moving straight into interim accommodation. 
    Other - Individualised resources 
    We would monitor the Prison release fund by keeping data on all women who make use of the fund and identifying what resources were used to support their stable release and integration back into the community. 

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