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Art Workshops Led By Homeless Artists
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  • Art Workshops Led By Homeless Artists



    Develop leadership skills in homeless artists through peer led workshops to develop professionally and increase social skills.




    What - A dedicated studio for artists to come together to practice their art, socialise and learn new skills, both professionally and personally.


    How - Through mentoring homeless people who have creative talents to develop their skills through engaging with volunteer artists and through sharing their skills with peers.


    We hope this funding will support a mentoring scheme for artists. Setting goals of how they would like to develop professionally – whether that be support to get into further education or ways in which to make a living from their work or whether it be to increase their confidence in themselves and their work.


    We hope this funding will develop a programme of workshops, mainly led by homeless artists but also with some support from volunteer artists.


    Outcome –


    Increased confidence in themselves and their skills
    Increased social skills from listening and respecting one another and their work
    Demystifying stereotypes of homelessness
    Recognition for their ability and creative talent not for their homeless situation.
    Being treated with dignity and appreciated for their creativity through interaction with a range of people.
    Support to get into education or work in creative studies

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