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    The aim is to pilot a set of new or restarted groups which greatly add value to their successful Group Work Programme.




    They have just undertaken a thorough review of group and activities services including feedback from clients, staff and volunteers. They have found that the Group work programme is valued greatly by all who gave feedback. They also found that everyone would like to see the programme expanded in certain areas.


    Staff and migrants have asked for ESOL provision and across the board there is interest in expanding our timetable specifically with creative writing, and health and fitness activities such as Yoga and Mindfulness workshops.


    They have previously held Mindfulness sessions here, that were very popular and well attended. They were facilitated by volunteers that could not always commit and cancelled at the last minute. Similarly, they had ESOL classes run by volunteers that were not always consistent, which caused problems with attendance and consistency. They have recently agreed to pay for a Mindfulness tutor for a few weeks, but this is not funded at present and they need to sustain funding for it. They also had a very successful creative writing workshop, that was very popular, but eventually ended due to the tutor not being available.


    The aim is to pilot a set of new or restarted groups which greatly add value to their successful Group Work Programme.


    This would also add volunteering opportunities within these groups for community volunteers that might bridge the gap and challenge negative perceptions of the rough sleeping community.


    Provide essential ESOL tutoring to people who speak English as a second language and who are accessing services, therefore giving better access to employment and further training opportunities. This would be achieved through 2 lessons a week of ESOL linked to our workspace and migrant support services.  Facilitated by one paid tutor and one or two volunteers.


    One weekly creative writing workshop.  Run by one paid facilitator and one or two volunteers.


    Pay for one Mindfulness tutor, running one session a week, to add consistent health and wellbeing provision to the rough sleeping community.


    Pilot 2 or 3 health and wellbeing workshops run by trained volunteers (eg Yoga, Pilates) with the view to expand them in future. 

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