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Transition into Work
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  • Transition into Work



    We hope to run a pilot project in one of our localities where we will fund payment of rent in the transitional period between being in receipt of benefits and receiving the first pay packet.


    We hope this pilot will show an increase in our residents accessing paid employment, and developing financial independence and leaving the benefits system and/or supported accommodation.




    People living in supported accommodation or receiving floating support who want to enter into employment find there is a period of time when they are not in receipt of benefits and also have not been paid.


    This means they are in arrears with their housing provider. This amount can be quite high if they are in a supported housing environment due to losing housing benefit and needing to pay for a support element on top of rent. This can lead to residents avoiding entering work in order to prevent being in debt.


    We hope to secure funding to cover this payment during the first month of paid employment. This will prevent residents accruing arrears and therefore remove this barrier into work.


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    (Tenancy sustainment ), from Plymouth Devon This is for those who aren't eligible for Extended Payment of HB?
    (Project Worker), from Littlehampton Hi Sounds like a good idea. There used to be a scheme and still is, I believe whereby those who have been on 26 weeks uninterrupted benefits such as JSA and ESA are eligible for a back to work grant of £100 single applicant and 4 weeks run-on of housing benefit which they do not have to pay back. Maybe check it out with your local benefits office. good luck Nick Stevens
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