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Conference 2018

Conference 2018

This year’s Frontline Network conference theme is ‘Wellbeing on the Frontline’. We recognise this covers a range of topics - from managing stress and retaining resilience, coping with the threat of contract or job insecurity, addressing the impact of legislative changes and Policy Reform on frontline workers, overcoming compassion fatigue and apathy through to the role that employers and peer networks play in supporting frontline workers.

Without ensuring we uphold the importance of protecting the wellbeing of frontline workers across the UK, organisations stand to lose passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated staff. This in turn negatively impacts on people they are supporting who have taken the time to develop a rapport, trust and confidence and open-up about sensitive life experiences.

We hope the event will provide you with a cross-section of interactive workshops, participatory presentations and emphasise the importance that networking plays in building relationships, sharing best practice, developing solutions and communicating your experiences from the frontline.

This is central to our approach on the Frontline Network.

Find out more about the experts here.