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Dealing with Local Authorities in the Context of Homelessness

Dealing with Local Authorities in the Context of Homelessness

Dealing with Local Authorities in the Context of Homelessness

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Law for Life and Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition

11am - 4pm

Northfield Baptist Church Community Centre, 789 Bristol Rd South, Birmingham, B31 2NQ

This training will help participants understand the basic rights of people who are homeless and the duties of local authorities towards addressing homelessness. The session will develop your understanding of the process around homelessness applications and aid you in identifying strategies for addressing cases of homelessness, including supporting individuals through relevant administrative processes.
We will discuss who is considered to be homeless, look at the scale of homelessness across the UK, and examine key aspects of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017. We will also discuss who is eligible for assistance, what help they can get, and how to approach and address local authorities.
Please note that this is not technical legal training but rather a basic overview of strategies needed to deal with local authorities in the context of homelessness. Our training is focussed for intermediaries working with people who may have housing issues, but are not themselves housing advisors or caseworkers.
Please note that lunch will not be provided.
Northfield Baptist Church is located a mile from Northfield Railway station and can be reached by: taxi (8 min); public transport (10 min) – bus 27 from Station Rd to Lockwood Rd; or on foot (20 min). If you will not be using Northfield station please use the following link to plan your journey: https://goo.gl/maps/VvPYtQQJnqG2
Law for Life is a legal information and education charity that works to ensure that everyone has the knowledge, confidence and practical skills they need to secure access to justice.
Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition is an organisation which unites housing groups to help fix the housing and homelessness crisis in Brighton and Hove
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